New energy vehicle booms, prosper Lithium batteries
Date Published:   2011-11-21                  Number of visits   1414
¡¡Under the circumstances of low-carbon economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy automobile which represents the future trend of the auto industry, is a new beginning for China¡¯s auto industry to catch up with the world¡¯s standard. As one of the main driving force, lithium batteries will get into a booming period. Also the vast growing demand of li-polymer batteries from the traditional consuming electronics, power tools, e-bikes and new energy storing system bring a tremendous market for lithium batteries and its raw materials.
¡¡Upstream raw material is the key to the development of lithium batteries, especially the ones for anode, diaphragm, electrolyte. Their performance determines whether lithium batteries can be widely used.
¡¡What¡¯s more, with the growing consciousness of low-carbon economy, energy conservation and emission reduction, recycling of lithium batteries show great value of investments. The opportunities can not be ignored.
¡¡Lithium batteries contain many metal elements, including cobalt which is a rare precious metal and get low content in a variety of minerals, thus it¡¯ recycling is of significant economic value.