Series£º Solar Charger
Input voltage:              DC5.3¡À0.2V
Input current:               600mA Max
Output voltage:           DC5.5¡À0.2V
Output current:            700mA Max
Charging time:            Solar charging :15-24 hours ( according to the light intensity )
Computer charge:      About 5 hours
Running time£º           It can work 1.5 hours with the greatest current 700 mA discharge. Charge M0T0 L6 mobile phone with it,  the mobile phone is full charge.
Protection function£º Short circuit, over current, over charging, over discharging.
Dimensions:               95 mm¡Á43 mm¡Á11.5 mm
Weight:                       55G
Other functions:           Illumination; Money detect
Adapters (Specifications: 5.3 V/600mA) charge: about 3.5 hours.
Polymer lithium, green, Solar charging, energy saving
Mobile phone   PDA  MP3/MP4    PSP   iPod/iphone/itouch